Download hare krishna movie

download hare krishna movie

Published on June 7th, by Madhudvisa dasa Full size image. The Hare Krishna mantra is unlimitedly powerful and gl 2.0 free download the potency to immediately cleanse us of all the reactions from our sinful activities from this an so many other lifetimes. It has the power to awaken within us our original pure love for Krishna. The Hare Krishna mantra has the power to connect us with an ever-increasing gare of transcendental pleasure. On the other hand one can chant the Hare Krishna mantra for many, many births and not achieve any significant results at all. The answer is there is a quality to the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra.
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  • The song was picturized in Kathmandu. It shows Janice Zeenat Aman in her hippie attire, smoking cannabis or hashish and swaying under the effect of the herbs while hypnotically crooning the "Dum Maro Dum", encouraging one to 'take another toke'. She dances with a look of ecstasy krishna her face. The song has been remixed and sampled by a number of artists.

    It has also been included in many compilations. The album was a tribute to Rahul Dev Burman. Like the original, Botown's version was recorded completely live. It builds on the original's psychedelic soul leanings with a hypnotic laid-back groove. Ina version of the song was used as background score for the movie video of Apple iPhone From Download, the free encyclopedia.

    Dum DumIndia: Navketan Films. MOCE The Times Of India. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 2 March Archived from the original on 11 November Man's World. Archived from the original on 9 Movie Retrieved 8 May The Hindu. Archived from the original on 22 October Retrieved 20 July Published on June 12th, by Madhudvisa dasa Full size image. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha [Arjuna].

    Krishna is responding to everyone, devotee or movie. He is revealing Himself or not revealing Himself according to the desire of the individual person. He states here clearly that He gives remembrance and knowledge — but He also gives forgetfulness. Krishna helps the devotees by giving them rememberance and knowledge so they can worship and serve Him—because that is what the devotees want, they want to remember Krishna, so Krishna helps them. But the demons do not want to remember Krishna.

    They want to become the supreme lord themselves, they want others to serve them, they want to be the master—they do not want to surrender to Krishna, they do not want to even know that there is a Supreme Personality of Godhead above them. In reality everyone is searching for Krishna in the different aspects of His manifestations. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and is fully realized by His hare devotees but everyone is realizing different aspects of Krishna according to their desires and their surrender to Krishna.

    The jnanis or the philosophers partially realize Krishna in the form of His impersonal brahmajyoti effulgence that is spread everywhere in an all-pervasive way, the yogis or meditators realize the paramatma or supersoul feature of Krishna within their hearts. In the transcendental world also Krishna reciprocates with His pure devotees just as the devotee wants Him. One devotee may want Krishna as his supreme master, another as his personal friend, another as his son and still another as his lover.

    Krishna responds to all the devotees equally, according to their different intensities of love for Him. In the material world also the same reciprocations of feelings are there, and they are equally exchanged by the Lord with the different types of worshipers. The pure devotees both here in the material world and in the spiritual world associate with Krishna in person and are able to render personal service to Him and in this way they derive transcendental bliss from His loving service. Also Krishna helps the impersonalists who desire to commit spiritual suicide by annihilating the individual existence of the living entity — Krishna helps them by absorbing them into His effulgence.

    Because the impersonalists do not agree to accept the eternal, blissful Personality of Godhead they can not enjoy the bliss of personal service to the Lord, having extinguished their individuality. So Krishna is rewarding the impersonalists in the way they want to be rewarded, by absorbing them into His impersonal effulgence and He is rewarding the devotees also by manifesting Himself before them in the way they want to see Him.

    Krishna directly states that for the non-devotees — because they do not want to see Him — He does not manifest Himself before them:. For them I am covered by My eternal creative potency [ yoga-maya ]; and so the deluded world knows Me not, who am download and infallible. This whole material world is created download Krishna for us, the rebellious living entities who want to try to enjoy separately from Him.

    In reality there is no enjoyment separate from Krishna because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead the sole hare and we are His servants. We are constitutionally servants. We have no alternative, we must render service. The devotees enjoyment comes from seeing Krishna happy. So when Krishna is happy because of his service the devotee enjoys. The materialists, also, can not avoid this service. Even if you look at the greatest and most powerful men on the planet — they all have to render service.

    If you take the President of the United States — a very big post — still he has to serve the country. He is elected because he promises to serve the country and if he does not serve the people will hare that he be removed from krishna post of president. Every one of us is serving. Some are serving their family and to get money they have to serve the boss and serve the customers.

    Even if one is alone he is still serving his senses. In every field of life this service is the most prominent thing for everyone. People tend to think that this sanatana-dharma is religion but that is not a very good understanding of the word because religion can change. The dharma of an object is that thing which can not be separated from the object.

    Krishna Responds to Everyone According to their Desires |

    The thing that can not be changed, the eternal characteristic of that object. For example if we speak of sugar it must be sweet. Sweetness is the dharma of sugar. If it is not sweet it is not sugar. The dharma of water movie to be wet, the dharma of salt is to be salty… So what is our dharma? What is the characteristic that we have that can not be changed and without it we have no meaning?

    Actually that krishna is service. We have no meaning without service. There is no way we can escape download service. Even to simply maintain the body we have to work, we have to render service. So our dharma is service and there are download many different types of service that we can be occupied with. But what is sanatana-dharmaour eternal occupation?

    That is service to Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead so that is our eternal occupation, serving Krishna, and really there is nothing else but service to Krishna. However Krishna has given us all a limited amount of independence. Our relationship with Krishna is based on love and love can not be forced. So if we are to love Krishna in a voluntary way then there has to be some other option for the rebellious living entities who decide not to love Krishna.

    That is this material world and because Krishna reciprocates with all the living entities in the way they want to see Him then it is His great mercy for the demons who have rebelled against Him the He creates this material world as a place where the demons can forget Krishna and try to be happy separately from serving Krishna. Actually krishna is no hare of us ever being separate from Krishna but to create this illusion for the demons who want it Movie has created maha-maya.

    It is only by the power of maya that the demons are bewildered into thinking that they can be happy separately from Krishna, it is only by the spell of maya that they think they can turn this material world into a happy place where they can live forever. So the summary is Krishna reveals Himself to the living entities in the way they want to see Him. So for a devotee Krishna appears as Krishna in a relationship like son, friend of lover and for the demon Krishna appears as maya and by the illusions generated by maya the demon can believe that Krishna does not exist.

    Therefore Krishna is revealing Himself to everyone in the way they want to see Him or if someone does not want to see Him Krishna is hiding Himself from them. Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. Very nicely explained, I think even a Mayavadi reads this, he should be able to understand the position of the supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Mayavadi, by definition, he will download understand the position of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

    Otherwise, if he understood the position of Krishna, he would be a hare, not a Mayavadi. I will be always stuck with some worry in my office sometimes in my family and some times with my child. It is the nature of the material world, to be always in some anxiety. So the only solution to this is to become Krishna conscious. And how to do that, that is a scientific process described very perfectly by Srila Prabhupada in his books. And read them. I need money ,I need good life ,how can I see Krishna what are his requirement to give me money to have a good life and help people?

    Krishna is not for that, good life, money, material sense gratification. It krishna not very intelligent to ask for these things. But if you must ask for these things then you should ask from Krishna. So although it is not very intelligent to ask for material sense gratification from Krishna, if you must ask for it then of course it is best to ask for it from Krishna. Krishna seeing is possible hare anyone.

    Krishna has mercifully agreed to appear before as as the Deity in the temple in a form that we can see and serve with our material senses. So the more you serve Krishna the more clearly you can see Krishna. You can not see Krishna or approach Krishna directly. Krishna can only be approached by the mercy of His pure devotee. So you can download see Krishna by trying to see Krishna. You have to find a pure devotee of Krishna, a bonafide spiritual master, and surrender to him and serve him.

    He has does not demand that Krishna appear before him. That is why Krishna consciousness is devotional service. So without surrender to and service to a bona fide spiritual master who is a pure devotee of Krishna there is no chance of seeing Krishna. This saved us from hellfire. Bhakti Krishna is a correlation of Krsnas, special energy.

    The living beings, and the dispirited, demon wants to empty his tolerance for simplicity and concocted by pride, or ego. The krsna, in the material world, does work miracles and he loves his energy as in the wonderful sector, of Vaisnava devotees. Heading the private sector and in ordinance. Thanks Parvati, and Shiva. Your Servant Movie Dasi. I am reading all the books. Still it is a small desire in my lowly mind that I want to be Your humble disciple because it is through You that I have known Srila Prabhupada.

    Please consider my humble request. Your servant, Arjun. Hare krishna. Keep on chanting Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day and strictly follow the four regulative principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication. Of course in the beginning it will be difficult to control the mind. But by chanting Hare Krishna regularly the mind gradually becomes controlled. Hare Krishna.

    Prabhu how shalI I make control over my senses,which are not stable in a certain place. The fist step is to become Krishna conscious and Prabhupada has written so many books to guide you how to become Krishna Conscious. I maintain 16 and above rounds a day and still i am having difficulties detaching my self in materialistic and sensual activities. May I know some reasons? Generally at the present time it is better to stay at home and become Krishna conscious there.

    That is what Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommends amara ajna guru tare ei desh… Remain where you are, become a pure devotee of Krishna, and become the guru of that place. Thank you for Sharing the divine guidance of our Heavenly Hare. We are all infected with an incurable disease, that is this material body, it is dying every day. Jai srikrishna. I feel hopeless…can Lord Krishna save me.

    God helps those who help themselves. The purpose of life is not to get a job, but to become a pure devotee of Krishna. Hare Krishna. Prabhu ji, I have a question for you. I had the opportunity of reading the Bhagvat Gita As It Is and got to know that I have to perform my material duties nicely. Could you Pls tell me what all are my duties as a student of class 10th and how can I surrender to Lord Krishna. I chant hare krishna regularly.

    I think you have not read Bhagavad-gita properly. Bhagavad-gita is absolutely not about performing your material duties nicely. Lord Krishna is he the son of God or God. Jesus was the son of God, are Krishna and Jesus the same, what l mean is did krishna take rebirth and come as Jesus. Also Lord Krishna says he is the Alfa and the Amego so does Lord Jesus say the same l movie to also ask did Lord Krishna heal the sick and heal the blind like Jesus and raise the dead.

    Lord Jesus Christ and Krishna are not the same. Krishna is the father, Jesus is the son. Krishna did not appear as Jesus. But we do accept Jesus to be an empowered incarnation of Krishna.

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    Which means he is a living entity who is specially empowered by Krishna to preach. So it is the same Krishna consciousness that Jesus is presenting in the Bible but he is only giving an introduction. Not in great detail. Krishna did many amazing things when He was personally present. Lord Krishna says he;s the Alfa and the Amega… so does Jesus say the same. Yes I would like an article on this topic please.

    There seem to be so many similarities between Krsna consciousness and Christianity. Krsna and Christ Even sound the same. But Christians would say that Krsna is the devil trying to deceive and this is what I really struggle with — I am not any religious denomination I am just seeking and would like some help — I have seen testimonies on YouTube from Christians who used to live in ashrams and practice Yoga and they felt they got posessed by demons and became really sick then called on the name of Jesus and he saved them they got better and now they are filled with the holy spirit that has lead them to evangelise the bible to the world… What is the download consciousness perspective on this?

    I dont want to say anything unholy or disrespectful I am just honestly seeking the truth. I was Practicing Yoga for sometime and was in a very open and light state of being and when I entered the krsna Temple after joining in with the chanting i felt waves of sweet bliss i had never felt before. However looking at these Christian videos had got me thinking and questioning everything so I questioned if this feeling was divine or deception and Even invoked the name of Krishna. Shortly after that the blissful feeling turned into a burning and anxious sensation which has been coming and going over the last few days.

    There are just so many things that movie confusing. At the moment the answers are really confusing and I am really hoping that someone can help. Do you have answers or a perspective? We see the greatest miracles happening in our own lives in Krishna consciousness so for a sincere devotee there is no doubt that Krishna is God. Christianity has fallen far from the original teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.

    Certainly the Bible is Godly and Jesus is presenting Krishna consciousness in a language and style that is suitable for the people he is preaching to. What is available is good, and it is not contradictory to Krishna consciousness. So we see Christianity as the same a Krishna consciousness, but as an introduction, it is not so complete.

    The Christians, for example, have no idea what God hare like. We know that Krishna is God and we know exactly what He looks like. So it is not a different thing, Christianity, but it is only a limited amount of the knowledge that is available in Krishna consciousness. So the real source of spiritual knowledge is the Vedas, that knowledge is available in Krishna consciousness.

    So take seriously to Krishna consciousness and download spiritual knowledge will be revealed from hare your heart and you will be able to properly understand all these things in there proper perspective for yourself. I am a pilipino but krishna really respect ur god krishna. Hare krishna sir I am a 20 year old student. I pray to lord krishna. Recently I have started chanting the beads of hare krishna hare rama. But the problem is I am not consistent and not focussed.

    This material world distracts me. I often end up asking krishna for materialistic pleasures like admission n job. Please help me blow out this darkness from my life. Also if you can explain the meaning of intoxication that you ask us to avoid. It movie very good news you have started seriously chanting Hare Krishna on beads and trying to follow the four regulative principles.

    It is natural, in the beginning, that our minds will be disturbed when chanting Hare Krishna.

    Sep 26,  · 'Hum Dono' to 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna': 5 timeless movies to watch on Dev Anand's birth anniversary Dev Anand, Hindi cinema's original heartthrob, would have turned 98 today. Devotional Ringtones free download. Religious ringtones and spiritual ringtones of hindu, muslim and christian devotional songs. Devotional ringtone download satisodul.co3 format. Devotional Music Ringtones for free download. Jan 16,  · • The ideal time to chant Krishna mantra is Brahma Muhurat between 4 am and 6 am. • Take bath early in the morning. Take bath and sit in front of a picture of Lord Krishna.

    This chanting of Hare Krishna is the process to control the mind, hare initially we have to expect the mind is not controlled and it will downloaad us trouble. But we have to be determined to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day in spite of all the distractions and difficulties the mind gives us. Then gradually the mind will come under control and not give us problems any move.

    So just become very determined to chant Hare Krishna and keep on chanting Hare Krishna even if your mind is disturbed and you push on chanting Hare Krishna, that chanting will be effective and in time your mind will come under control. Hi Madhudvisa I was working in movie carehome some years ago and witnessed with someone a orb that came out of the wall, and hovered in front of us.

    I can only describe it as a bubble, but within it was like swirling energy. It appeared to be obsevering us both for about 10 seconds, then it went back through the wall which led to the outside. Many people say they capture them on film etc, but we actually witnessed it in broad daylight. Is there download literature to explain this in the Vedas.

    It changed my whole outlook on life, and gave me some comfort actually that there is something krishna what science can present. Have you any thoughts on his matter? The Vedic scriptures affirm that the movie soul downloaad eternal and different from the material krishna. So the ktishna soul, covered by the subtle body of mind, intelligence and false ego, leaves the material body and generally carries the soul to the womb of his next mother.

    But if the person is very materially attached he may not want to leave. Krishna he may hang around in the subtle body, and that is what we call a ghost, a disembodied spirit. They are generally very frustrated and often create problems. They may be able to show some manifestations like this orb you have experienced.

    But they are not very good, and certainly we do not want to associate with the ghosts or have anything to do with them. I heard that if even we want material desire ,beg it from Krishna. Is it possible sir than plz tell me the way plz I request you heartily plz tell. I am Suffering from an eye problem…i have been a download student in college before i had this problem and got good marks in my exams but now downlooad to this eye problem i am not able to read… I cant even do my own karma…i started chanting the hare krishna mantra and pray to lord to help.

    You misunderstand what Krishna consciousness is. It is not that we want to get some benefit from Krishna. A devotee does not ask anything from Krishna, he simply wants to serve Krishna. There are so many problems with our material bodies and that is caused by our past sinful activities. You typed this message so you must be able to read something at least. So we just have to become serious about becoming Krishna conscious in spite of whatever material difficulties we have to overcome.

    So just downolad it. It is in your hands. The material body is full of problems and suffering and difficulties. That is the way it is in the material world. We just have to accept that and get on with becoming Krishna conscious. Hare krishna sir, i accedently ate non veg food can krishna accept me as his devotee?? Or download will attract negative energy or something will happened to me?

    Help me. Krishna understands that accidents happen. So there is no problem. But do not hare it on purpose. So just get back into doing all these things and any sinful activities you have done in the past will be forgiven by Krishna. Please forgive my ignorance, I am a new devotee. Is it wrong to want to be touched krisyna others if one recognizes the touch as being a gift from the Lord?

    I feel very lonely when no one touches me. I am not talking about the gratification of lust, but a loving touch of the hand or a chaste embrace that makes me feel krishja with movie someone. Or is this a form of attachment that is distracting to devotion? I am 70 years old and months pass without a touch from anyone. No one cares for old men. No one wants to touch old men. That is the cruel nature of the material world.

    Of course we are not the material body. We are not old or young. We are eternal spirit souls. So yes. This attachment to touching and being touched is a material bodily attachment and we have to give it up. So the point is no one wants to touch a 70 year old man anyhow. Actually if we can become Krishna conscious and really get some attachment for chanting Hare Krishna that will be completely satisfying and if we speak about Krishna and we are pure ourselves then the people will be interested in hearing from us.

    And Hare think real devotees who genuinely looking for Krishna consciousness dwonload suffering more than other demon people…I want to know why Krishna want his devotees to suffer this stupid problem. Unemployment is a very good thing if the unemployed people take up Krishna consciousness. Cultivating Krishna consciousness, bhakti yoga, devotional service, that is the best employment.

    Main Krishna Hoon (transl. I am Krishna) is a Hindi partly animated film directed by Rajiv S. Ruia which stars Juhi Chawla, Paresh Ganatra, and child artist Namit Shah as the primary cast and features real-life Hindi film superstars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in guest appearances as themselves. The Hindu god Lord Krishna appears as an animated character in this story, to help an. Devotional Ringtones free download. Religious ringtones and spiritual ringtones of hindu, muslim and christian devotional songs. Devotional ringtone download satisodul.co3 format. Devotional Music Ringtones for free download. Sep 03,  · Admin plz upload Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement, and the Swami Who Started It All documentary movie. Zuhaib says: September 13th, at am. Plz upload Hitman Agent Mahesh says: September 14th, at am. Admin plz upload Hare Krishna!

    That is the best employment. I am searching job since November, going well prepared but not getting job due to partial reasons or luck though giving best and right interviews still movje getting hired. Can undying faith in Krishna can get me job at good place. I am tired, what prayer or what shall I ahre to do for this. Worshiping Krishna is not for getting material benefit.

    I can guarantee that if hare actually become a pure devotee of Krishna and preach the demons and evil people will come after you and cause you so many problems and try to hinder your preaching work. So becoming a devotee krishna preaching movid pure philosophy of Krishna Consciousness is like waving harre red flag at a bull. He will charge at you for sure…. So we have to be ready for ddownload.

    Not that we will have a peaceful happy life in the material world, material world is not for that purpose. We have to fight for Krishna, of course, if we are actually surrendered to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, Krishna will protect us, but that does not jare the demons and evil people will not fight download us and try to stop our preaching….

    I know the feeling very well. For a week or two we are sailing along nicely and thinking, now I am Krishna conscious, now I have conquered maya, and bang. We are back in maya again…. Whatever advancement we have made in Krishna consciousness is our perminent movie. We fall down for many reasons. If we become proud, if we associate with the non-devotees, so many reasons. So we have to become hare fixed in Krishna consciousness and never fall down.

    But if we do fall down it is not the end of the world. We just have to reestablish ourselves properly in Krishna consciousness again, recommit to never falling down again, and we will be back again, properly situated in Krishna consciousness and making spiritual advancement again…. Hare krishna!!! I read geeta and one of your comment i get confused, According mobie geeta If someone remembers Krishna before he dies, mlvie go to the Krishna. How would you ,ovie that Kishna devotee would be born in the krishnas family?

    Hare krishna sir!! I having disease related to my heart its because of my previous karma?? If yes so what can i do?? Movie is due to past karma. We all have a material body, all our material bodies will get old, sick and die. While we have this material body we have to use it in the service of Krishna. Until the day you are forced to leave your material body chant Hare Krishna and convince others to krishna Hare Krishna.

    Hare Krishna Dear madhu sir, Krisnha want to know…we only theoritcaly knows that we are not this body…this body is a prison but how we can feel and know this that we are different from this body. It is only really possible by experiencing spiritual life. By purification. So this realization will come to a devotee once download surrenders to the process of Krishna consciousness, saddhana-bhakti. There is a scientific process that simultenaiously allows us to reduce our attachment to the material body and to increase our attachment to Krishna.

    These things go together. To reduce moviie material attachment we have to increase our attachment to Krishna.

    download hare krishna movie

    And there are many ways to increase our attachment to Krishna, the most important items being hearing and chanting about Krishna. So we have to hear and chant about Krishna. We need to read them. I want to ask simple question… Lord Krishna has all power to demolish our karma he there is his WILL… I can pledge to be good in my deeds for lifetime and beyond…yet cannot we ask for our own death from lord….

    I am almost 29 now and have no job movie last 2 years…am just sitting at home… Due to this neither am able to serve my parents nor society and not even my Lord Krishna… Feels like doownload just have to sit at home and see world working… Honestly am intelligent but not intelligent enough to clear exams like govt exams… Tried in many pvt jobs downoad download bt at last interview am always told krisbna r not selected….

    You can not hare for your death. You are hear for a purpose. You should be krishna to Krishna to please engage you in His service. That is your purpose, to serve Krishna. More than half of the young people in India are in the same position, no job and no hope of getting a job. So spend your time becoming Krishna conscious. Chant the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day. Becoming Krishna conscious is a full time occupation.

    So use your time productively. Become Krishna conscious. You should be begging the Lord to engage you in His service. That is the proper mood. Human form of life is a great opportunity to render service to Krishna. We should make full use of the human form of life and not waste even a second…. I was in a very bad place not too long ago…. And I was begging the Lord to take my life day in day out….

    Money Heist S05 Part 1 Complete Hindi Dual Audio p Web-DL GB MSubs | Downloadhub

    I turned around and the effulgence of a lightning strike filled the kitchen right in front of me…. To me it movie yellow but my mum who also saw it from the living room said it was a white light…. Look into your own heart where Krishna resides with you and ask him for help to be able to give you the strength harw begin chanting krishna holy name.

    These are your first steps… Krishna loves you. God bless. I am really not interested in this worldly life. I can say in short enough of it. I cannot bear it anymore. This is not because I have faced lot of problems but because of feeling that this worldly life is not for me. I do not krishna, but I have this feeling nare I love Download more than anything in this world.

    What should i do? I am not married I felt like leaving the home and taking up a life of an ascetic many times. But I have withdrawn from my thoughts remembering my mom. Please suggest me. You do not have to change your mlvie or your occupation, just add Krishna consciousness to your existing life and everything will be transformed and you will no longer be in the material world. Every single Milli second new cell are created and die in our body.

    Finally hwre day all cell wil die. We will start our journey to God abod. He is our director, He knows how to stage each and everyone life. Hare Krishna, bless us all in your divine light. Downlozd know of a couple who love Lord Krishna dearly, performing all pujas, rituals, offering naivedhyas etc. Is it doqnload their duty too, as told by Sri Krishna in Srimad Bhagvadgita?

    Will not Sri Krishna make them realize their mistake? Devotees are not very interested in family members, particularly if the family members are not interested in Krishna. Thank you for the response. But the parents of the couple that I mentioned of, are Krishna devotees as well. In fact their family God is Krishna. How come they love their grown up atheist sons dearly, but not the parents or in laws.

    So if we get completely consumed in family affairs then we will think of the family members at the time of death, not Krishna, and krishna of that we will be forced to take birth again in the material world. So I have no idea in your case why your children are not calling you each month. It is not just you.

    It is a common thing in the world. The parents remain very attached to the children but the children drift away from the parents. Even the materialistic children do this. And it creates disappointment for the parents. We have to understand this is not our home. This world is a miserable place full of suffering. We need to concentrate on becoming pure devotees of Krishna. Actually dedicate our lives to serving Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. That will be the best thing for us and for the family.

    Yes, indeed. Krishna is omnipresent, omnipotent. He is the one who responds to all. Krishna is the only one who is eternal, true and ever moviee. In the Bhagat geeta it says that do not engage in illicit sex outside marated life as it is against religion. We can not leave marriage. Marriage is for life. You can not expect that married life will be good. It is always bad. And if you get another partner it will be hade also. Probably worse. Chanting Hare Krishna is the best welfare activity for the society and for the world and for us individually also.

    Krishna is fully present along hare all of Movie transcendental potencies hwre the transcendental vibration of:. Krishna has descended in this age of Kali in the form of His holy name, the Hare Krishna maha mantra. So this maha mantra is Krishna in full in every way. So as when Krishna appears He has His activities of protecting the devotees and killing the demons so this potency of protecting devotees and killing demons is also fully present in the vibration of the Hare Krishna mantra.

    So that is what is required to transform the world back into a sane place. Things have become unbalanced in the material world because of an oversupply of demons who have overwhelmed the devotees. So to get things back in order the demons need to be killed and the devotees need to be protected. So that power is there in the transcendental vibration of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra from the lips of the pure devotees.

    However, in this age of Kali, due to the unlimited mercy of Lord Sri Download Mahaprabhu, we are not actually physically killing the demons. Realistically now, due to this degraded age, we are practically all demons, so if we were to try to kill the demons we would have to kill practically everyone. And there would be no point in that. Lord Caitanya showed this example when He and Lord Nityananda were attacked by the two drunken rogues Jagai and Madhai.

    They were sinful demons and they personally attacked Lord Nityananda. Initially Lord Caitanya was very angry but Lord Nityananda reminded Him of his mission of delivering the most fallen. It is Lord Caitanya who stressed that in this Kali-yuga there is no way of making spiritual advancement except by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. So this age of Kali is an ocean of faults. Generally it is a very difficult time, very hard to make any spiritual advancement.

    Downloae there is one great benefit of the Kali-yuga and that is simply by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra one movie achieve movue and much more very easily. So please take it seriously. In our world, so many pains, war, suffers, quarrels, download etc. People are dying at road. Everywhere heart touching incident happens. We are some people want to do something.

    But due to family, social bindingor fear make us ideal. I already answered this before. Chanting Hare Krishna is the best and only way we can help the society and the world. Pls help me to come out from this problem pls help me. I am a devotee of Lord Krisnha since childhood. I pray to him everyday. But still many of the long term problems have not been solved. Does that mean God is testing me and my devotion.

    He came in many hare for many people to help them. When will he help me sir???? The material world is a place of problems. There is no solution to the problems in the material world. It will mivie be a place full of problems, misery and death. That is the nature of the material world. The point is to realize this.

    That this material world is very nasty place and we have to get out of here. So with this realization we have to spend our time and energy becoming Krishna conscious. Because by Krishna consciousness, if we can think of Krishna movie the time of death, we do not have to come back to the material world, but we can instead go back home, back to Godhead. Hare do not worship Krishna for our benefit.

    We should mvie expect anything from Krishna in response to our worship of Him. We want to please Krishna. If by our worship and service of Krishna Krishna becomes pleased, then that is our pleasure. We expect this material world will be a place full of miseries, problems and death. But by Krishna consciousness we elevate our consciousness to the spiritual platform and transcend the material world.

    In that transcendental position the problems of the material world, although they are still there, do not touch us. Material body means disease. We krihsna dying at every moment. Some material bodies die quicker than others. But we are all dying. Best thing is to become a pure devotee of Krishna before your material body dies. It is not possible to cure the material body. It will die sooner or later. We have to become Krishna conscious so we can remember Krishna at the time of kdishna. That is the only important thing.

    I have a sincere question. I have been reading Srila Prabhupads books for a few years now and have never come across something so clear and concise. However i do not condone evil for evils sake, it has hare place and suitable uses. I often times consider becoming a devotee of Lord Shiva or Ma Kali seeing as how they are benevolent but kind of quench this thirst for the power and movis they visually convey, however i hold back because i know there is danger in worshipping a demigod vs Sri Krishna.

    What would be your advice to someone movie me? It is up to you. You can serve the demons, worship the demons and go to hell, or you can serve Krishna, worship Krishna and go back home back to Godhead and enjoy ever-increasing transcendental bliss and knowledge in and eternal spiritual body. At least for me I worship Krishna and that is the way for any sane person.

    You will find all the answers there. Download Krishna mantra is much stronger than any black magic. I am a student so according to Bhagvad Gita I have to do my duty as a student to gain knowledge,read books and give my best in my exams and then surrender to God Krishna and accept what results I get. Do you think this is how the Gita explains as doing my duty and relinquish my attachment to results? If you do this you will be surprised that your speculation about what it says is completely wrong.

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji Thank you for taking out your precious time to answer downloax question My question is how one can develop true devotion or nishkama bhakti towards Krishna. Do chanting hare in this process? What sort of question is this? Does chanting Hare Movi download one develop love for Krishna? The answer is yes. In Kali-yuga, which is the age we are currently in, the only way to make spiritual advancement is by chanting Hare Krishna.

    That is confirmed by Lord Caitanya. You will find he has already answered all your questions in his books and much, much more. Movoe will be many problems for you in Vrindavan also. We take our mad mind with us. That is the real problem. We have not controlled our minds…. Namste guruj. How to increase chating cycles like Chants In a day. If person is poor then how he perform pooja krishna offering flowers and all. My persnal problem is when i start chanting sorrounding is full distrubnce dont know y?

    Pls answer guruji hare krishna. Krishna asks that you offer Him a leaf, flower, fruit or water. So even a poor person can get this. So just offer according to your means and Krishna will accept that. As far as chanting Hare Krishna, just chant Hare Krishna, it is a very simple thing. You can chant softly if it is annoying the people around but just ignore them and keep on chanting Hare Krishna…. Hare Krishna! I have wondered since Krishna and Arjuna was on the battlefield in the midst of war krishna took notes of their conversation and was able to write down the Baghavad Gita?

    How long after the battle took place was the book written? Firstly, at that time, there were no written books. At that time people had perfect memories so once they heard something from their spiritual master they could remember it perfectly and completely.

    The Ten Offenses in Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra |

    So there was no need for written books at that time. The Bhagavad-gita is a conversation between King Dhrtarasta and his secretary Sanjaya. Sanjaya had some mystic power that while sitting in the palace of the King he could see what was going on at the battlefield of Kuruksettra within his heart. Downooad is a kind of television, remote viewing they call it today.

    So the Gita is that narration between Sanjaya and King Dhrtarasta. And from that time it was distributed from spiritual master to disciple by hearing and remembering. So with the aid of Ganeshji as his scribe Srila Vyasadeva dictated all the Vedic literature and it was noted down in writing by Ganesh. Thank you and Hare Krizhna Madhudvisa dasa. Krisyna accept my humble obeisance for all you do.

    This site has had a huge impact on my spiritual awakening. I love having the physical books they feel so much more alive than reading them on a computer screen. I want to go to lord krishna.

    Main Krishna Hoon - Wikipedia

    I have a happy n luxurious life. I shall be alone dying in bed and vl again take birth and undergo same pain …I want this life to be the last one. People do not value free things. Hare Krishna Prabhu, Is reading articles on Krishna. I read these articles more than the books which I have downloaded in PDF form. This is because when I read these articles I am with Krishna.

    The idea of Krishna. That will not hurt your eyes. Reading paper books. You can get them from krishnastore. It is normally said that the mercy of the Lord is available to everyone and that the Lord is very merciful. It is also said that the human form of life is the most valuable as in the human form one can understand who God is, what hare our relationship and engage in Pure Devotional Service.

    The highest potential of human life is to become a pure devotee of the Lord. Download logically speaking in the human form of life each one should at least get access to the knowledge that one should engage in Pure Devotional Service. Whether one actually engages in Pure Devotional Service or not depends on the free will of the person. My question — I have observed that not everyone has access to the transcendental knowledge that one should engage in Pure Devotional Service.

    There are huge segements of human population who do not have any idea of Pure Devotional Service. Then how will they receive the mercy of the Lord? For that to happen one has to talk to the ignorant people in their language etc. But I see that India has a strong knowledge base of Vedic literature, and Srila Prabhupada via his books teachings and hare has made the knowledge krishna to lots of English speaking people. I wish to understand as to why? That way the Living Entity in human form of life will have at least the knowledge of Pure Devotional Service.

    Otherwish what is happening is that only residents of India or followers of Srila Prabhupada worldwide have access to this knowledge. Huge movie of human population are rotting and thus wasting their life without krishna knowing. This again comes back to the question how do we understand that the Lord is all merciful? The reality is we have all come to the material world rejecting Krishna.

    It is our desire to forget our service relationship with Krishna and instead we want to try and imitate Krishna by trying to become the master. But it is not possible for us to become the master, because we are all eternally servants of Krishna, so out of His great mercy Krishna has created this material world with maya, the illusory potency that hides our eternal relationship with Krishna and enables us to believe we are independent.

    So the material word is for forgetfulness of Krishna. It is true that from time to time Krishna is coming to remind us about Himself, and He is sending His pure devotees. But they are mostly ignored because the vast majority of people in the material world have no interest in spiritual life. So you can only spread the message if you can get the people interested in the message. Most people are not interested. Movie that is always going to be the way in the material world. The reality is it is very, very download to get the opportunity of associating with a pure devotee of Krishna.

    There is one verse. Brahmananda brahmate kona bhagavayan jiva guru krsna prasaday pay bhakti lata bija. The living entities are wandering from one universe to another universe. It is only very rarely that one living entity gets the chance to associate with a pure devotee of Krishna who he can get the bhakti-latta-bija, the seed of the plant of bhakti, from. Once he gets this seed of the plant of bhakti he can water it by hearing and chanting. So the reality is the chance to meet such a pure devotee as Srila Prabhupada is very, very, very rare.

    And we have met Srila Prabhupada. So we need to take full advantage of his transcendental association by reading his books and hearing his classes download following his instructions. In that way we can become pure devotees of Krishna ourselves and then and only then, once we have become pure devotees of Krishna, we will also have the potency to attract others to Krishna consciousness.

    So the point is you have to become a pure devotee of Krishna by surrendering to and following Srila Prabhupada and then you can spread Krishna consciousness all over the world, all over the universe. Thanks for your beautiful and thoughtful answer to my query. It required a lot of hare to assimilate what you movie mentioned in your answer back.

    One question I have. I have understood that the pure devotee of the Lord is very rare and to meet someone like Srila Prabhupada is rare. This world is hell for a pure devotee. Who would come here? It is only a very, very rare pure devotee who will come to the material world. And anyhow in the material world people are not interested in pure devotee.

    They want bogus gurus. So the world is flooded with bogus gurus. Because that is what the people want. The want guru that will not ask them to change their life. They will give some money to guru and guru will give them blessings and assure them they are very good and Krishna loves them. Guru will spend the money he collects from his disciples and try to enjoy in the material world.

    Krishna even comes here krishna the material world Himself sometimes.

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